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From 2008 to 2019, I owned Formosa Fitness in Taipei, Taiwan, with two locations and a team of 10 trainers. We focused on functional fitness using barbells, kettlebells, and more. We offered personal training, group classes, nutrition coaching, and fitness seminars. My goal was to provide a unique fitness experience. One of our highlights was our popular kettlebell group classes.

During the same period, I ran Kettlebell Quest Kettlebell Certification, where I trained over 1,000 personal trainers. My program emphasized fundamental movements and used kettlebell exercises to address clients’ movement issues. Trainers had to pass practical tests to ensure they could perform and teach exercises effectively.

Personal Summary

I’m Coach Dave, a US Army veteran who moved to this area with my family in 2020. I have a background in fitness entrepreneurship and education. Also, I have earned over 15 certifications over the years and I’m always expanding my knowledge by working on more. 

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